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Summer flowers

Summer flowers are very rich and beautiful. You have your choice of reds, blues, violets, oranges, yellows, pinks, purples, and whites. The beginning of summer starts out with perennial flowers that began to grow late in spring. They begin to flower at the first signs of summer. Some popular perennials for early summer are Irisesand Peonies. As summer starts to really heat up, there are many flowers that cannot continue to grow in the hottest days of summer. Unfortunately there are not too many colorful plants that can last in the heat. There are some annuals however, that can stand the heat. Some good annuals to plant in the hot days of summer are Cosmos and zinnias. These plants are very bright in color, and can keep your garden looking vivid and bright. While you can continue to grow your favorite plants all throughout summer, just be sure you are giving them the proper care in order to have surviving plants. If you are not able to maintain your garden in the hot summer days, then the heat-tolerant annuals will be your best for the end of summer gardens.