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Erik Bruun's migratory birds nest in the Arctic

The masterly work of legendary graphic designer Erik Bruun can be seen in an upcoming set of three separate stamp publications. The Arctica miniature sheet features migratory birds that nest in the North. Arctica refers to the migration of birds that nest in the Arctic region, a phenomenon that is eagerly watched by bird enthusiasts on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, especially in the spring.

The miniature sheet contains two domestic no-value indicator stamps and two added value stamps worth €0.10 and €0.20. In addition, both added value stamps will be published on separate sheets of fifteen stamps.

The birds featured on the stamps include two species of waterfowl: The €0.10 stamp portrays the long-tailed duck, which has been classified as a vulnerable species. The €0.20 stamp features the velvet scoter, an endangered species. It is thought that climate change has led to a sharp decline in the breeding rate of birds by affecting their food supply.

The domestic no-value indicator stamps (unit price €1.30) feature the brant and the barnacle goose, both of which migrate to the North in large numbers in May. The barnacle goose is a familiar bird to many, as these days it can also be found nesting in southern Finland.

Having recently turned 91, Erik Bruun remains an active artist. Last year, he illustrated the chanterelle stamp featured in Posti's Edible Mushrooms stamp booklet as well as the €0.50 Sulka stamp.