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Centenary of Finland honoured by Åland stamp

On 24 May, Åland Post joins in the celebrations of the centenary of Finland’s independence by issuing a commemorative stamp. For his stamp art, artist Juha Pykäläinen’s took inspiration from the theme of the anniversary year, Together.

The Åland stamp is designed by experienced stamp artist Juha Pykäläinen, who was born in Tampere but lives in Åland since 1989. Finding a suitable motif was a challenge, Juha confesses:

“The theme was difficult simply because of its importance. I wanted to include nature because nature is such a significant part of Finland. The whooper swan is the national bird of Finland; however, using my right to artistic freedom, I featured the mute swan because it’äs so typical for Åland. The shape of its neck made it easier for me to place the heart in the illustration, symbolising affinity. I’ve also included a small tear of silver to serve as symbol of the difficult times in Finnish history.”


To intensify their tête-à-tête, the two swans are embossed, and the sea is partly covered by silver foil. The issue in May takes place in Åland as well as at the Finlandia exhibition in Tampere, where Juha will be present to sign the issue on the stand of Åland Post Stamps.