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The 2016 Åland stamps in stylish pack

Adorned with the handsome rooster designed by artist Martin Mörck, the 2016 Year Set of Åland stamps will be available as of 11 November.

11 November also sees the issue of the 2016 miniature sheet issued prior to the Year of the Rooster, which is the source of inspiration for the cover illustration of the set. The 2016 issues cover a wide range of subjects, from sailing ships, historic events and local cuisine to ABBA Björn's homage to the Åland archipelago.
The stamps are conveniently mounted in the Year Set and, in addition to the Rooster miniature sheet, the set includes the medicinal plants booklet and a 2016 postal label showing a message in a bottle as part of the ‘Beach finds' series. Each issue is presented with the date of issue and the artist's name in English as well as in German, Swedish and Finnish.