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Åland Post’s 2016 Christmas seals support people in need

On 10 October, we issue the 2016 Christmas seals. The profit from the sale of Christmas seals will be donated to the ’Matbanken’ (food bank) project that helps both families with children and individuals in Åland who are currently in a difficult financial position with food and other necessities.

Åland Christmas seals may be used as decoration on Christmas greetings and parcels. Funds from the sale of Christmas seals are granted to charity alternatively in support of projects which benefit the Åland society. This year’s beneficiary is the Matbanken project, a co-operation between the parish of Mariehamn, Save the Children - Åland, the Social Mission, the Mission Covenant Church and the Pentecostal Church.  

Matbanken started in 2010, and aims to help individuals and families with children in Åland who are in current financial crisis and in urgent need of food and other basic necessities. Today, some 70 households receive help from Matbanken on a weekly basis. Principally financed by donations, the project receives food donations from whole sale dealers, farmers, a few shops as well as private persons. The project employs a part-time coordinator; however, almost all pick-ups and deliveries are handled by volunteers. The Christmas seal grant will be used for the activities of the Matbanken.

Designed by Swedish illustrator Maja Lindberg, this year’s Christmas seals go hand in hand with the Christmas stamps that Maja has also designed. The sheet of 20 self-adhesive seals shows Christmas elves getting busy for Christmas time.