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H111 - Old Icelandic buildings

Old Icelandic Buildings

The Church of Hof belongs to the Skaftafell deanery in the south of Iceland. Although the oldest documents relating to the church date back to 1343, the main structure of the current church building dates back to 1884. The National Museum acquired it, then had it rebuilt 1953-54. The altar and pulpit are from 1857 while the Danish-made pewter candlesticks date back to the 17th or 16th century. The altarpiece is by the artist Ólafur Túbals.


The Vigur windmill is the only extant wind-powered grain mill in the country made of timber. It is believed that Daniel Hjaltason, builder and goldsmith, designed and built the mill in 1860. It has been in the custody of the National Museum since 1992. The windmill is a timber structure, 3.60 meters in height with a wingspan of 4.30 m.