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H110 - Old Icelandic buildings

Old Icelandic Buildings

The turf shed in Vatnsfjörður. Vatnsfjörður is a historic manor in the West Fjords. Among clerics residing there was Hjalti Thorsteinsson (1665-1745), a versatile artist. In many parts of the West Fjords stones were used in turf building walls, including the turf shed in Vatnsfjörður which was built about 1880. It was used to store fishing gear and seafood. The turf shed belongs to the National Museum‘s Collection of Historic Buildings.

The Flatey library was built in 1864 on the initiative of Brynjolfur and Herdís Benedictsen. It is the first building in Iceland which was specifically designed to house books. A great collection of manuscripts was kept in the library, a large part of which was handed over to the National Library of Iceland in 1902-03. The library was rebuilt under the supervision of the Icelandic heritage institute  (Minjavernd) and is still in their custody.