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615 - Icelandic Contemporary Design VI

Icelandic Contemporary Design VI – Jewellery Design
The sixth stamp series on contemporary Icelandic design is dedicated to jewellery design. The motifs are the work of four jewellery designers.
       Ástþór Helgason at Orr designed a silver necklace. Ástþór and Kjartan Örn Kjartsson are the designers and owners of Orr. Ástþór graduated as a goldsmith from the Technical College in Reykjavik in 1997 and worked as a product manager at SMAK Design Studio. A number of publications have featured Orr jewellery and exhibitions of Orr jewelry have been held around the world.
       Guðbjörg K. Ingvarsdóttir designed a silver ring in the Swan jewelry line. Guðbjörg was trained as a goldsmith in Iceland and Copenhagen, and operated the Au-Art jewelry shop for some time. In 1999 she founded the design and jeweler company Aurum in Reykjavik. Guðbjörg's design has attracted worldwide attention.
       Helga Ósk Einarsdóttir designed a necklace made in oxidized 925 silver in the Milla line. She graduated in 1995 as a goldsmith and jewellery designer from the Institut for Ædelmetal in Copenhagen in 2010. She has participated in numerous exhibitions. In 2005 she began designing and producing jewelry under the name Milla.
       Helga R. Mogensen designed a pin brooch made of driftwood, silver and redfish skin. Helga studied at the Technical College in Reykjavik 2001-2002 and graduated in 2007 from the Edinburgh College of Art. She has exhibited her work in galleries and museums in Iceland and Britain and won awards in the field of jewellery design.