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613 - Tourist Stamps IV

Tourist Stamps IV ­- Gatastakkur and Eldhraun
is a strangely shaped rock at Rauðanes, a beautiful and unusual natural pearl in Þistilfjörður. The peninsula is dominated mostly by heath and grassland. Volcanic magma has flowed through rifts to softer soils and solidified there. Over time, the soil has eroded from the surface of the dyke so the rock now stands alone. On the northern peninsula we find Stakkar. These are two magnificent, high pillars rising from the sea.

Eldhraun lava field is located in a valley in South-East Iceland. It formed during a volcanic eruption in 1783-84 when a 25 km crater row opened up where the Lakagígar craters are now. The second greatest lava field in Iceland's history, Skaftáreldahraun, originates from Lakagígar. From its craters, molten lava flowed down the Skaftá river bed, forming Eldhraun. The disasters following Skaftáreldar are the worst suffered by Iceland in recent centuries. Eldhraun is one of the two largest lava fields that have formed on Earth in historical times.