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The Nordic stamp exhibition, will be held at Norway Trade Fairs in Lillestrøm on 21–23 November. Norway Post is issuing a miniature sheet to celebrate the event.

The Nordia stamp exhibition rotates among the Nordic countries, and Norway last hosted the exhibition in Stavanger in 2008. Norway Post issued a miniature sheet for the exhibition, with three stamps commemorating that Stavanger also was the European Capital of Culture that year. The motifs of this year’s miniature sheet are related to the Norwegian Constitution Bicentenary and will be a philatelic treat for many.

The first time Norway Post celebrated a stamp exhibition with special stamps was in 1955. Norway organised the international Norwex exhibition at the same time as we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the first Norwegian stamp. The jubilee stamps had their own Norwex overprint and were issued in such a limited edition that they quickly became very much in demand among collectors of Norwegian stamps. In 1980 Norway once again hosted Norwex, a large international exhibition that attracts a large public. Seven hundred exhibitors from throughout the world showed us the best in international philately and 40,000 people streamed to the exhibition hall at Sjølyst in Oslo. In support of the event, Norway Post issued a booklet and two miniature sheets. The price of all of  the products included a surcharge for the Norwex exhibition, much appreciated support for a demanding event. The next philatelic event to have its own stamps from Norway Post was Nordia in Kristiansand in 2002. In June 2002 stamps were issued to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of mathematician Nils Henrik Abel. These stamps had their own Nordia overprint and were issued on the opening day of the exhibition. The print run included just over 240,000 stamps, and these stamps also quickly became desired collectibles.

After six years, the Nordia exhibition is once again back on Norwegian soil. We hope to see you at Lillestrøm!