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Tourist Stamps - Vikings

Viking tourism in Norway gained popularity with the opening of the Viking Ship Museum on Bygdøy peninsula in Oslo in 1926. The Oseberg Viking ship, which was more than 20 meters long, was excavated in 1904 and after months of work all of the ship pieces were stored in Oslo. For almost 90 years, the Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune Viking ships and the beautiful items discovered during the excavations have been gathered at Bygdøy.


Lofotr Viking Museum is in Borg in Lofoten. The museum is built on the foundations of a chieftain’s longhouse, the largest building we know of from the Viking era. The museum in Lofoten is an activity center where visitors can experience what it was like to live between the years 793 and 1066, the period historians attribute to the Viking Era.


Haugesund and Karmøy have been Viking tourism centers since 1872. This was the year the Haraldshaugen National Monument (Haraldsstøtta) was unveiled to commemorate the Battle of Hafrsfjord in 872 and the burial site of Harald Hårfagre. Thousands of tourists and school children have travelled to Haraldshaugen to celebrate the unification of Norway into one kingdom.


A Viking festival is held every summer in June at Avaldsnes at the Viking farm on the island of Bukkøy. The reconstructed Viking house is the center of popular activities for both children and adults. Nærøy Fjord in Sogn played an important role during the Viking era. This is commemorated in the Viking Valley with the Gudvangen Viking Market and Norrøne Summer Festival in July. Here special effort is made to find unique stories and activities from the Viking era to ensure that the taste, smell and experiences are as authentic as possible.


Stiklestad National Culture Center is responsible for disseminating knowledge about St. Olav and the Battle of Stiklestad

in 1030. It does this by arranging a wide range of activities for school classes, students and visitors. The well-known

Stiklestad play about St. Olav, “Spelet om Heilag Olav”, is arranged every summer at the end of June.