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Eimskip 100th Anniversary

Eimskip (The Icelandic Steamship Company) was founded January 17th, 1914, making it the oldest shipping company in Iceland. Its history is in many ways connected with the history of the Icelandic nation in the 20th century. One of the main requisites for the nation‘s economic and political independence was for Icelanders to assume full control of transportation to and from the country. The company was often referred to as „the nation‘s favourite" and played a significant role in Iceland‘s increased prosperity.

The company started operating regular schedules in 1915 with Gullfoss, its first vessel. The company‘s importance was amply demonstrated in both world wars when foreign shipping companies stopped sailing to the country. Eimskip operates today a reliable and efficient logistics and transportation services in the North Atlantic region with offices in 19 countries. It also offers a full range of transportation services worldwide.