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Tourist Stamps III

The Kvíár glacier runs from Öræfajökull in the southernmost part of Vatnajökull. From its craters ten majestic glaciers cascade down to the sands below. The Kvíár glacier runs into a 500-600 meters deep gorge between the mountains Staðarfjall and Vatnafjöll. The Icelandic Institute of Earth Sciences conducts research of the construction and formation of the Kvíár glacier.

Sjálfberg is a peculiar rock standing in the sea on the coast at Munaðarnes in Strandir in the Westfjords. The name dates back to the 19th century and means "rock standing by itself." Munadarnes is the northernmost farm in Strandir. The area is rich with birdlife. The Sjálfberg inlet is fairly deep and narrow. The rock rises out of the inlet and another rock with the same name rises further up on the shore.