2017 Stamp Issues released by Greenland

On this section of our website you will be able to view all the stamps that have been released during 2017.

Please choose which set of stamps you would like to view by scrolling down the screen and clicking on any of the listed stamp issues.

  • All stamps in this series contain photos from the wartime. Parts of the stamps are therefore photographic reproductions from that time, whereas the parts drawn by hand are the artist’s own expressions

    published by Greenland

  • Greenlandic Music 25.01.2017

    Music plays an important part in Greenland’s culture and history. It is therefore natural that we dedicate a whole series to Greenlandic music.

    published by Greenland

  • Sports in Greenland 25.01.2017

    Part One of the ”Sports in Greenland” set was issued in 2016. I (artist: Miki Jacobsen) am now continuing with an additional three stamps, for the second part of this series.

    published by Greenland